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When testing Automated Driving functions, the test cases coverage is one of the most crucial features which directly impacts the AD function safety. However, high cost and low efficiency of collecting data on roads leads limited number of scenarios for all AD development companies.
At Everyone Test, we are developing an easy and fun driving simulator for mobile phones to enable the world first crowdsourcing platform for collecting traffic scenarios. This will help us to collect millions of scenarios over all the world in short time.

We are also developing a driving performance analysis tool (DriPA) to help new drivers review their mistakes during the practice driving, and even estimate the possibility of passing the driving test.




Game-like driving simulator

Simple Drive is an easy to fun to use, game-like, driving simulator on mobile phones. It guides the user to create preferred challenging traffic scenarios, and uploads the result to our cloud.


Driving Performance Analysis

DriPA is a tool the analysis driving performance based on dash-cam video and sensor data like GPS, acceleration. It can improve new driver's practicing drive experience.

Scenario Dataset

Crowdsourced Traffic Scenarios

We collect traffic scenarios with our product and pack them into a scenario dataset with tags of scenario types, difficulties, etc. We take track the usage of each case in order to reward the author of the scenario.


"We are the first generation putting our children in the automated driving (AD) vehicles. We will provide tools and test scenarios to ensure AD vehicles are safe."

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