Modernize driving lessons and enhance the way students learn to drive!

We apply computer vision  and machine learning to support driving instructors in their driving learning process. 

MyDrives simplifies driving lessons and the learning process by allowing you to record the most important driving scenarios during your drive, in short video clips. The video clips and your feedback are saved for future review and learning for both the instructor and the student.

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Record and replay all the important moments of your drive, in order to learn from it, share it and compare it.

Unlike the more traditional driving theory applications, our application supports driving schools in their preparation of students for learning to drive, reducing frustration and the feeling to give up.

Control Device and Application

Using a control device such as a tablet or phone, together with an application - driving instructors can tag specific moments in the drive, capturing events to learn from, discuss and keep for later replay.


Syncronize your calendar with your driving lessons and stay up-to-date at all times

Select a Student

Easily choose the student you want to start a drive with in a smooth and intuitive way

Start and Tag your Drive

Start recording and tag specific scenarios you would like to review together with your student

Replay your Drive and monitor progress

Find previous drives and monitor progress from each driving lesson

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Be an early adopter and give us your feedback on using MyDrives!

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Tag, Record and Replay
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