better Driving Practice

MyDrives uses DriPA = Driving Performance Analysis

DriPA is a tool to analysis driver's performance based on video and sensor data in the vehicle. We could help practicing drivers to review their driving course, pin point mistakes, and even estimate the possibility of passing the driving test.

The features including

  • Record and replay the practice drive

  • Automatically clip the video to interested traffic scenarios

  • Summarise the driving route, speed, braking, accelerating, lane keeping profiles

  • Automatically highlight problem scenarios

  • Show standard manoeuvres

  • Eco drive evaluation

  • Plan next practice driving route

  • Plan pre-exam evaluation route

  • Estimate possibility of passing the driving exam

  • and more ...

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Eveyone Test is a technical startup focusing on applying Artificial Intelligence to all traffic related areas. We are shaping the future transportation system to be safe, efficient, and sustainable.

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