MyDrives App - Record, Comment and Share

MyDrives App enable you to capture the moments during the driving lesson with a common mobile phone, add comments and share it with the student live in the vehicle.

Driver instructor interface

This is the view the driving instructor has for managing the lesson and recording. This view is under development, to be more user friendly.

Bluetooth button

By using a bluetooth button you don't need to touch your mobile device in order to tag, record or switching mode. In the settings menu you can scan and connect to your bluetooth buttons, and test if they work.

When the device is connected and you click the button when the settings dialog, it increment the value in the circle, holding the button will decrement the value in the circle. In this way you can see if the button works for you.

Press and Hold the button to switch mode
Click to tag or start/stop a recording

Observer that the button disconnects when you stop a lesson.