MyDrives Recorder - the eye on the road

MyDrives Recorder enable you to capture the moments during the driving lesson with a common mobile phone.

MyDrives Recorder can record 10 seconds before the an event and 10 seconds after. It also supports classical start/stop recording.


The pairing code is shown when the app starts and is automatically dismissed when you have successfully paird your device with MyDrives.

If you want to see the settings code after the Pairing-dialog is closed, you can press the qr code in the toolbar.

Status Of Recorder


Lesson  Ongoing

Online No Lesson

Lesson  Ongoing

Tips! When the status is in offline mode, you can click the status icon to reconnect to internet if it doesn't do it automatically. You may tap the icon to reconnect at any time, if an existing connection exists a confirmation dialog is shown.


To open settings, press the cogwheel. In settings it is possible to see the cameras Field of View as well the resolution of the video feed. There is also an option to shift the UI to the right side of the screen, which can be convenient if the mounting is blocking the center of the screen.

Display Options

The screen can be turned off after MyDrives Recorder is started, if one doesn't want do see the controls nor the video. If one would like to see the controls but not the video, it is possible to toggle the video by tapping on the video.

Known issues/Exit MyDrives Recorder

To exit MyDrives Recorder, one currently have to long-press on on the app-icon in the app drawer/launcher, and select App Info. In the App Info one can select Force Quit. This is currently a work around, since just removing the task from the Recenet App screen will cause a memory issue causing MyDrives Recorder to perform unacceptable during recordings.